Level 2 Sandtray Practitioner Certificate $540




This is level 2 of this certificate.- June 5, 12, 19,  26, 2023

Now that you have learned the Sandtray witnessing Protocol, we will apply this knowledge to working with adults, couples, families and groups. Directive sandtrays will be introduced.

  • Practice the sandtray witnessing protocol.
  • Describe developmental stages according to Havighurst and how these can be observed in the sandtray.
  • Identify miniature’s that would be important to have in your collection to address developmental needs in sandtray play therapy.
  • Discuss three phases of LOVE according to Gottman (limerence, building trust, building commitment and loyalty) and how these can be observed in sandtray play therapy.
  • Discuss miniatures that a therapist working with couples would want in their collection to support couples in completing directive trays that investigate three phases of love and ATTUNE and how these can be utilized in sandtray play therapy.
  • Discuss how to adapt sandtray office space as well as therapist approach to work with families and groups using the sandtray.


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