CCPA Approved Supervision Course

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This blended learning Supervision course  runs 8 weeks. Students review 8 pre-recorded modules (8 hours) There is 1 hour of reading to prepare for each module (8 hours).
There is a quiz after each module 15 minutes x 8. (2 hours)
Text book review – Clinical Supervision of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy profession, 1994. (6 hours) Formative assignment completion (8 hours)
1 hour supervision example video with reflection (2 hour) 1 hour of LIVE supervision feedback with course instructor (1 hour). Final summative reflection on competencies (1 hour) Total of 36 hours. CCPA has approved this course and the cost is $550 plus HST.  This course can begin at any time beginning October 1, 2022.



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